Are you among those who have made #poorme a life motto? Do you get the impression that nice things always happen to others? Do you really think that other people have all the luck that you would deserve too? Then it’s time to stop believing that dumb luck doesn’t belong to you: it’s all a matter of attitude.

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Richard Wiseman has something to reveal to us. He’s a British lecturer and researcher who has spent the last 20 years studying the role that luck plays in our lives.

Wiseman has tried to figure out how opportunities arise and what impact they have on our daily lives. He first began by examining the differences between people who feel lucky and those who consider themselves to be losers.

Get Out of the Tunnel Vision Trap

The first intriguing finding is that those who feel lucky are also the most outgoing: they smile twice as often, keep eye contact more easily, make their social skills available to everyone.

All of this friendliness, according to Wiseman, has an instant benefit: it boosts your chances of getting a lucky break by allowing you to meet more people, form stronger social bonds, and establish healthier, longer-lasting relationships.

Self-proclaimed unlucky people, on the other hand, performed extremely well on a test that revealed them to be anxiety-prone neurotics. Wiseman decided to test how anxiety affected people by having them watch a moving dot in the center of a screen.

Suddenly a few bright flashing dots appeared on the edges, and almost all of the participants spotted them. To boost anxiety levels, Wiseman conducted the experiment with a new group of subjects and gave a $1 incentive to anyone who focused on the dot in the middle of the screen. The end result? More than a third of the participants didn’t notice the big flashing dots at the edges of the screen.

To cut a long story short, anxiety allows us to focus on a single activity but also preventing us from perceiving alternative possibilities. People who believe they are unlucky miss out on a lot of possibilities because they are too focused on worrying about something.

In their career, love, and personal life, they develop tunnel vision, missing possible job possibilities, opportunities to meet people who could transform their lives, and prospective soul mates.

The “lucky people”, thanks to the right attitude, are open to new experiences. They are more willing to make new acquaintances, travel to new places and disrupt routines.

Optimism Leads to Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Wiseman was not satisfied, so he decided to try another experiment: he gave test subjects a newspaper and asked them to count the number of images inside. The “unlucky people” took about two minutes to count them, while “the lucky ones” took just a few seconds. Magic? Not at all.

On the second page of the newspaper was a huge message, “Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper.” The “lucky ones” ae the better observers, the “unlucky ones” on the other hand are always blinded with anxiety. Elementary, Watson!

It doesn’t end there: the “lucky ones” think positive and optimism helps in the realization of desires and perspectives. Finding the positive side even in what goes wrong is essential to feel happier and able to get out of difficult situations. The half-empty glass only ever leads – obviously – to the great “poor me” syndrome.

How to Attract Luck

Wiseman demonstrated that the unlucky can easily become lucky by enrolling some subjects in his “school of good luck,” where he taught luck-attracting exercises. What were the outcomes? Obviously surprising. After a month of exercises, 80 percent of the participants said they were happier, more satisfied with their lives, and, most importantly, luckier. Why not use the same techniques to make ourselves feel more fortunate?

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Let’s keep our minds and eyes open: worrying about endlessly chasing one goal keeps us from seeing other possibilities. Let’s try to have an open attitude, look around and not let anything pass us by.

Let’s always look at the positive side of things: focusing only on the negative aspects makes us sad, dampens our expectations and kills our will to do something. Besides, nobody likes whiny people, right?

Let’s do something out of the ordinary this week: routine flattens us. If we only talk to the same people, eat the same food, and do the same things over and over again, nothing interesting happens.

Let’s get out of our comfort zones and see what happens.

Are you ready to break some habits? Everyone, put on your best smile and good luck!

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