Have you ever paused and asked yourself, “what does my future hold?”, “is there any hope for me”, “have I fully discovered my potentials?”. Questions like these roam in the mind of virtually everyone, especially during our latest times thriving with all the aftermath of the Coronavirus.

Different ways have been deployed in unraveling the mystery of human existence, life, and future possibilities, in an attempt to make sense of it all. Various ways have been tried in discovering human potential.

One of the ways topping the board is the ancient but still-living-on path of Astrology.

what is astrology

The name itself sounds pretty in-depth and mystic, right? Truly, it earned its keep if we check out what it entails. This brings us to the million-dollar questions.

What exactly is Astrology? To what extent is it valid and essential in the practical world? Why is it gaining wild-fire popularity presently?

Providing answers to the above questions in this article, we will be taking a fun-ride launch into the deep world of Astrology.

What is Astrology?

Firstly, there’s no way the word “Astrology” would be mentioned without affiliating it with the notion of stars, planetary and celestial bodies. So, when we talk of Astrology, we are not so far from talking about space concerning how it affects human affairs.

Astrology has a close friend co-sharing celestial bodies for their disciplinal operations. That friend is Astronomy. But our concern in this article, as stated earlier is lasered-focused on Astrology. What exactly is it?

Astrology is defined by a source as the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Let’s take a careful look at the definition above. Astrology, as a discipline, uses the understanding of planetary body movements to predict or interpret human affairs.

Put differently, Astrology links the universe and human beings together. It is believed by astrologers that every human action, life, and affair are connected with the universe.

In Astrology, the best way to understand human affairs is not by studying humans it is the affairs in themselves. The best way to comprehend human affairs and correctly interpret them, according to astrologers, is to carry out the interpretation through the lenses of celestial bodies, using the movements of these bodies.

So, the movement of stars. The relative positions of planetary bodies like Jupiter or Uranus. Or asteroids and meteors. Anything having the signatures of celestial. Their movements can be used as a basis for the interpretation of human affairs.

Why is Astrology So Popular in the Modern World?

As we said before. scrutiny of the world today would make one fact clear – Astrology is gaining momentum around the world.

People may not know it’s “Astrology”, nevertheless, it is gaining more audience attention like a fast-and-furious ride. Of course, it is all thanks to its predictive capacity and value.

Millions of people’s interest in the prediction of Astrology concerning their life and world keeps sky-rocketing every day.

The major contributing factor to the wild-fire popularity of Astrology is the unrelenting quest for self-discovery. Every modern person desires to know themselves.

The quest for self-discovery is a result of the deep chasm that dwells in the mind of most people. A chasm that craves to be filled up with the fillings of self-discovery.

Let’s be a bit reflective. This may apply to you. Let’s create a hypothetical “you”.

Despite knowing one or two things about yourself, there could still be this “gap” in you. “A space” within you that needs to be filled.

It is like there is something within you that needs to be known. Something within you that needs to be discovered. You may seem to know it, yet this feeling of blankness sort of proves you wrong.

So, even if you know yourself, there’s this part of you that still desires to know more. There’s a part in the deepest of your mind that says, “there’s got to be more to know about me!”.

There… the quest for self-discovery. That is the number one ticket for the popularity of Astrology in the present world. The ultimate search for self-discovery. Confidence. Life certainty, to mention but a byte.

Internet – the Astrology Popularity Booster

Meanwhile, the engine house fueling the popularity of Astrology among millennials is nothing but the internet. Can anything about the modern world survive without the touch of the internet? Maybe not.

Education. Finance. Governance. Health. Communication. Transportation. Everything about the millennial world is connected to the motherboard – the internet.

So, if Astrology is gaining widespread fame in the present epoch, the reason for that fame is traceable to the behind-the-scene technological operations of the internet.

Right in the comfort of your room, with the internet, the whole wide world is at your fingertips. Many years back, what we enjoy today are fairy dreams that can only be imagined then.

reading horoscope in internet

Now, by punching some keys on your smartphone or laptop, you have undiluted access to the world of Astrology. Instead of waiting for hours before you’d be attended to before, it’s only a matter of seconds, and boom! The internet has connected you to the consulting sphere of Astrology!

Through the internet, people can consult astrologers through social media platforms, or get connected with them through social media Apps.

And of course, distance isn’t a problem. So, people can consult astrologers comfortably, anywhere they are in the world.

Furthermore, the internet helps in connecting like-minded people across the globe. The connection builds a family-like bond and link among the people. When people with similar interests in Astrology are linked, a synergized unity is created.

From this unity, people can draw strength, solace, and comfort from one another. Simply put, an online astrology family is created. The more the growth in connection and networking, the more the popularity of Astrology.

Throughout human history, Astrology has played an important role. Time and space are twin mysteries to humans. But Astrology discovered a way of unknotting these mysteries and using them to human interpretative advantage.

For years upon years, non-western countries like India and China studied the celestial bodies, gazing up to them for signs and guidance.

As the years progressed, Astrology gained entrance into the Western world. With technological invention and expansion, the sky-gazing method of Astrology shifted to a more technological approach.

Rather than gazing up at the sky, social media platforms and apps are deployed in studying celestial bodies for signs.

Astrology has thousands of years of existence. It’s been around for a long time. But the interest in it has gained many bars high among the millennials, all thanks to the internet.

True, many of us are intrigued by what the planets and stars have to offer; however, we are not more curious than they were some thousand years ago.

What changed? We have more information at our fingertips. Again, thanks to internet!

5 Reasons Why Astrology Is So Popular Today


1. Technology and Apps

Technological innovations, no doubt, are the number one big-ticket reason for the interest surge in Astrology today. Salient among the goodies technology ushered into the modern world is the Internet.

The internet has made virtually everything easy and convenient. Astrological convenience is not an exception. Regardless of where people are all over the world, they can get personal insights of their lives, using Astrology, without distance posing one ounce of a barrier.

The modern world is online. And Social Media is the frontline platform for online visibility and presence. Hence, Social Media has tremendously boosted the visibility of Astrology, as well as interest in the discipline.

Gone are the days when Astrology is a thing for the old or the adult world. Social media has removed that age barrier or any barrier whatsoever. Now, Social media has granted younger audiences access to Astrology.

For example, many youths now show their interest in Astrology via Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, as well as in capital-backed apps like Sanctuary and Co-Star.

Just as Astrology has in one way or the other changed the internet, the internet too has changed Astrology. Instead of using scores of years to study Astrology, anyone can study and understand it in a matter of time.

The only barrier is just you. The internet has more than enough information needed for you to be versed in Astrology within a short period. This was not the narrative many years back.

What’s more, Astrology has been integrated seamlessly into different industries. In other words, the scope of it has been broadened beyond horoscopy or a future-predicting discipline.

Astrology is also used for emotional exploration and as a tool for achieving self-discovery. Coming to understanding one’s potential and capability can result in innovations and inventions that can change the world positively.

Hence, Astrology can be a powerful tool for initiating change and development in a tech-driven world.

2. Uncertainty and Stress

Life isn’t always a bed of roses and petals. Everyone has their ups and downs. Everyone does.

There are times people feel uncertain and lost about their identity and future. The emotional trauma and distress this uncertainty and fear of the unknown is capable of causing are unimaginable.

To avail themselves of this weight of depression and anxiety, people look for answers to the questions burning their minds. In most cases, people make their appeals to a deity or a cosmic being, with the hope of getting answers.

These attempts were taken to make sense of the world rank high among the reasons people’s interest is drawn to Astrology.

Astrology, in one way or the other, has provided answers to people’s questions and resolved the uncertainty beclouding their minds. For this reason, many people’s interest in Astrology keeps increasing.

Furthermore, studies have shown that people are more likely to adopt Astrology when they are facing stress or experiencing personal crises. This further attests to how much Astrology has helped many people to scale through difficult situations.

In addition, the comfort people derive from other people with similar astrological interests helps people in difficult times. Some problems cannot be solved alone.

When such problems are shared with people that understand, it’s only a matter of time before they are solved. This happens among connected people having a similar interest in Astrology.

3. The Search for A Missing Connection

There’s a point in life when there seems to be something missing within. Something just doesn’t feel right. This state troubles us and makes us search for that missing thing.

The missing link could be a marriage partner, the need to switch jobs, change friends, or change residence.

To find answers to these things, Astrology has become the consulting discipline for providing solutions to these missing connections.

4. The Search for self-discovery

The hot-selling question in the niche of inspirational and motivational talk is “who are you?”

Self-discovery will continue to be a mystery that people will try to solve. The most distressing thing to people to people isn’t often physical discomfort.

self-discovery as a reason why astrology is popular

The real pain is the inability to discover the core values and potentials one carries. It is when you know what you have within that you will be able to change the world outside.

As emotional beings, we often feel happy with ourselves if we are living below expectations, especially when we know we are worth more than the way we are living.

Hence, there’s always the need for self-discovery. There’s a need for its confirmation, particularly, from an external source other than one’s mind.

Hence, the quest for self-discovery has drawn many to astrology. Although perceived as limited, Astrology has helped many people articulate ideas about themselves that they could never have stumbled upon on their own.

As a result, people that experience low self-awareness are more likely to support astrological beliefs than those with high self-awareness. People who try Astrology often do so to increase their self-awareness and know themselves better.

Astrology can greatly validate and influence a person’s self-concept. It also increases one’s confidence and fosters the spirit of certainty about one’s attributes.

Thanks to its ruminative nature, Astrology allows self-reflection so that individuals can understand their environments and themselves better.

5. The Search for Certainty and Confidence

People look within for self-discovery and outside for certainty and confidence. It is beyond a doubt that we live in an age of uncertainty. These uneasy feelings do enough to add ambiguity and insecurity to our lives.

However, as humans, we are wired to avoid and dislike uncertainties – uncertainties like not knowing the future. Hence, it becomes paramount for many to use Astrology to seek answers about what the future holds.

True, sometimes the information horoscopes present are not always 100% accurate. However, it does enough to add the feeling of confidence to people and a sense of control over their lives.

Apart from this, there are groups of people who believe that external factors beyond the reach of man are responsible for life’s outcomes. These people who believe in luck, fate, and destinies are more likely to show interest in the powers of astrology.

Closing Thoughts

There’s so much to say about the world of Astrology. It has been around for thousands of years. Books, let alone this article, cannot exhaust the vastness of Astrology.

This article is only a drop of water in an ocean about Astrology. But it is our belief you see this as a crucial drop that can form an ocean in you if understood and worked on.

If you desire to learn Astrology, the internet has more than enough information to skill you up.

Of course, Astrology is more than horoscopy. Its knowledge can be used in other important niches such as marketing, psychology, to mention but a few.

Astrology is gaining ground every day. By reading this article, we believe you know the secrets behind its widespread popularity.

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