Imagine a world without numbers. Picture a world where you can’t tell even of your age because of the absence of a number.

An unbearable and unimaginable world, right? Check around. Check the world.

Discover one fact: the world is a product of numerical exactitudes. Everything has its numerical value.

From the inscription showing the size of your shoe to a taxi plate number on the busy street, everything in the world has affiliations with the mathematical concept of number.

Not a single thing is off the radar of number. Not a thing. Therefore, we will not be wrong if we conclude that the world is a number-governed sphere.

With such dominance of number in our world and its indispensability in human affairs, it is only wise to study the mystery of number and how it affects our human affairs.

Luckily, there is a body of knowledge dedicated to this special study of numbers. In this article, we’ll be getting acquainted with the world of this discipline, as well as providing answers to the question bearing the title of this article.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the aforementioned field -Numerology.

numbers on a taxi plate

What is Numerology?

In the simplest of terms, Numerology is the study of numbers and how they are connected to human affairs. Numbers have an undeniable significance in our existence. Survival will be practically impossible without numbers.

Numerology believes that the dominance of numbers in our world is not by chance. There has to be a link between us and the numbers around us.

Hence, Numerology is the knowledge branch that studies the significance of numbers concerning matters of personal concern. It uses in-depth analysis of numbers to study and source out more information about a person’s life or general events.

To accurately and specifically decipher individuals’ attributes, personality, and existence as a human being, a numerologist employs the use of a chart – a numerology chart – often created through an individual’s date of birth and name.

In a nutshell, Numerology studies how numbers tell you things about the events, circumstances, or happenings around you.

When a number keeps recurring to you, you may not have noticed. But it has its significance.

Say you were the 14th person on a queue last week somewhere. The following week, you happen to be the 14the person on the queue again at the same place.

While you are there, a girl not far from you replies to someone’s question with the expression, “I will be fourteen next year”. The statement was uttered at say 2:14 pm.

Three things are woven around the number “14” around you. You may not even have noticed the connection. But to a numerologist, the number “14” has something to say about you. It’s more like the universe’s Morse code of communication in speaking to you.

Interestingly, 14 numerologically depicts an individual’s high level of efficiency and pragmatism. Business-wise, it could mean that you will be busy and meet different people in your business.

It’s more like retelling you what you do, or telling you what you’ll do later, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be facing. Either way, the universe is communicating with you through numbers to guide, direct, instruct or warn you.

And that, dear reader, is the apex concern of Numerology. It interprets the significance of numbers concerning your life and events around life generally.

Interesting, right?

Having got acquainted a bit with Numerology, let’s dive in deeper. And here’s the second question, “what does 1111 mean?”

What Does 1111 Actually Mean?

You probably must have heard someone say “make a wish!” every time the wall clock clicks 11:11.

The utterance didn’t drop from the blues. There’s a track record of testimonials necessitating its utterance.

The number sequence 1111 has an aura of manifestation around it. It is believed to be a number that signals the presence of divinity, more closely – powerful angels that can turn things around for you.

Hence, the reason the popular directive, “make a wish” when it’s 1111 is often seen or heard.

To the real question here, what exactly does 1111 mean? Is it restricted to just a number sequence for making wishes? Let’s dig in.

According to Numerology experts, the number sequence “1111” holds a great deal of information that you should know.

Firstly, it should be noted that the interest in knowing the meaning of 1111 stems from the actual belief that various numbers carry unique energetic vibrations. It is believed an individual can work with these specific vibrations if understood.

According to Tanya Carroll Richardson, the author of Angel Intuition, the number “1” is an indication of new things.
It symbolizes a new beginning, new cycles, discoveries, and new things generally.

Things just don’t happen. There’s always a notice card that the universe uses to tell you of what is coming ahead. Numbers are among the salient foreshadow cards the universe uses in speaking to you.

Reiterating Richardson’s point on 1111, another author, Kaitlyn Kaerhart, points out that the recurrent seeing of one’s symbolizes the beginning of something new, and the time to  “focus on innovation and creativity, embrace your independence, and go after what you want.”

You probably might be in doubt or dilemma about a situation. You may not be sure about changing your job because of the fear of risk.

You don’t seem to see yourself doing well if you begin a relationship.

But deep down within you, your surest of guts is telling you to move on. It is telling you to make that move.
It is making you have sleepless nights, troubling your mind with loud thoughts, telling you to “go for it!”.

To complement the utterances ensuing from within you, the universe returns the same energy to you in various ways, externally. Among those ways is the use of numbers.

When you see 1111 often, especially in scenarios where you are struggling with your mind about something you know you should do, it simply acts as a remainder. The universe is telling you it is time to start a new phase. It is telling it is time to kick off a new beginning.

The new beginning can be anything peculiar to you.

It could be building a business.
It could be having a new set of productive friends.
It could be making your move in building your dream house.
Or getting your dream car.
It could be saying “yes” to a marriage proposal.

Again, the beginning can be anything.

The point is that you are not ignorant or oblivious of this sensation of a new beginning. Your mind would have told you times without number.

The universe is externally affirming what you have been told internally by your mind through a number sequence. In this case, 1111, which means, the start of something new in your life.

That’s it. The numerological meaning of 1111.

Now let’s move on to the third question, “why do I keep seeing 1111?” Ready? Let’s roll.

Why Do I Keep Seeing 1111?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? You and the number sequence “111” seem to be in conjugal ties lately.

Probably it’s coming to you recurrently via phone numbers, addresses, time, shoe size, cutlery labels, or random wall inscriptions.

Whichever way the number sequence 1111 comes to you, you should first note it’s a good sign. Something really good is coming your way.

clock showing 11:11 time

If you keep seeing the number sequence, it is a pointer to the fact that it is high time you changed the trajectory of your life.

You are living below your expectations and potentials. The universe is telling you to do something. To start something new.

It is a clarion call to the beginning of something new. Of course, the new thing is something good, worthy, and noble.

The universe is simply telling you to “prep up” and launch yourself into a whole new sphere of all-around self-development, growth, and improvement.

Richardson comments, “I always tell clients that when you see a lot of ones, it’s a reminder from the universe that it’s a great time for you to manifest.”

A great time for you to manifest. That is the key meaning of 1111 recurrence to you.

You are not seeing the number sequence by chance or by coincidence. Take good note of that. Don’t be negligent. Negligence by many people has robbed them off of life-changing opportunities and chances.

The fact that the universe is telling you a piece of good news doesn’t mean the goodness in the news will play itself out. No. There is no free launch anywhere, not even in fairy tales. You’d have to pay by doing something.

It is what you do and how you do it that results in the transformation the universe is telling you about via the number sequence.

3 Reasons You Keep Seeing 1111

Why should you take the recurrent seeing of 1111 seriously? Can it change your life and make things better for you?

We will be quickly checking out 3 reasons you keep seeing 111, and why you shouldn’t play around with these reasons.

1. The Universe is telling you to pay attention to your thoughts

The Universe reacts with the kind of energy your mind produces. In other words, the universe has its inexplicable ways of knowing your heart’s desires and wishes.

If you desire to be a wealthy business person, for instance, that aspiration is conceived in your mind. If such desire is persistent and recurrent in you, it becomes something you’re passionate about.

You just naturally are interested in it. When the universe senses this, it reaches out to you, showing you the way and affirming the genuinity of your thoughts through the number sequence 1111.

The number sequence 111 is the universe’s communication code in affirming the messages resonating in your mind.
More often than not, many people believe in external affirmation than internal ones.

To help our unbelief, the universe affirms the truthfulness and candidness of our thoughts externally via number sequence.

However, if you don’t pay attention to the energy in your mind, the external message of the universe will have extremely little or absolutely no meaning to you. A latent proof of negligence, personal laxity, and destructive insensitivity.

Pay attention to your thoughts. It is from there that channels of opportunities for manifestation are open to you.
Instead of focusing on negative things, the message of 1111 to you is to shift your thought focus to something good and positive.

It is an angelic message instructing you to staunchly monitor your thoughts; focusing your attention on what you want, not what you don’t want. This is the message of the universe to you.

2. You’re on the path of self-awakening

Change does not occur unless there is an awakening.

Awakening has its dwelling place in nowhere but the mind. As stated in the first reason above, the universe tells you to be aware and conscious of your thoughts.

seeing 1111 means self-awakening

There is a reason for this. Your mind is the residence of awakening.

If it is filled with negative thoughts, nothing will be awakened in you. However, if fed with positive thoughts, your mind awakens the possibilities and potentials that you carry.

When awakened, these potentials will not only change your life, they’ll also transform the world around you.

When you keep seeing 1111, it is an indication that you are in the stage of your life when you’ll discover something that will change your world.

The change and transformation that comes with this awakening mark the beginning of something new for you. Hence, it is very crucial to pay attention to yourself at this stage. Don’t waste your time.

Examine yourself. Discover yourself. Think. Reflect.

Are you living above or below your potentials? Is this the best version of you?

How can you migrate from where you are to where you desire to be?

These are reflective questions you can ask yourself. The answers you have should direct you in doing what is necessary to do.

It is your season of self-awakening. The universe is telling you via 1111 number sequence to spare no effort in changing your life.

3. Leave the past

Past experiences, particularly bad ones, can distort your mindset.

The biggest route to self-destruction and sabotage is thinking of the past. Thinking of bad memories of the past has no positive value.

It dampens the fire of your courage and cages you under a dark gloomy shadow. You begin to doubt yourself. It makes you feel less of yourself, hence, resulting in low self-esteem.

There can never be a new beginning if the past is not forgotten. It must be buried. The universe tells you this through the number sequence 1111.

It is the universe’s way of telling you that you are beyond your past. When you keep seeing the number repeatedly, it is a strong indication that you should let go of hurtful and bad memories of the past.

These bad memories you are nurturing are the hindering blocks to your transformation and a new beginning.

Bad memories of the past block new opportunities. They hinder the chance of self-awakening.

They make you live in the past even though you’re in the present. The present robbed off of you, you miss the future and the opportunities it holds.

So, rather than focus your energy on the past, shift it to your present. Focus on positive thoughts only. The universe’s message to you is that you are not your past. But you can be if you choose to.

Rather than be marooned in the failure of the past, the universe is repeatedly telling you (even as you are reading this) via 111 which you are seeing now, to focus your attention on the new opportunities that the present has to offer.

It is when you make use of these opportunities well that your life will experience a positive beginning and turn around. This is the good news of the universe to you.

Closing Thoughts

We often think we are alone. But really, we are not. Everything around us resonates at the same energetic frequency with us.

If we think positively, the positive vibrations generated will attract positive occurrences.
If we think negatively, we sure know what will follow.

You are not alone. The universe speaks to you. It does every day. It tries to instruct you so you are don’t wander away from your cause.

One of the salient ways the universe gets in touch with you is through numbers.

Angel number 1111 is the universe’s code in telling you to embark on a new beginning. A new phase of life marked by greatness and achievement.

By reading this article, the universe is speaking to you again to embrace the new beginning you desire.

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