We often wonder how to stay persistent all of the time. Have you ever had the feeling that things aren’t going your way? Or that you’re not coming any closer to achieving your goals?

Well, many people actually feel this way, but it’s only because of what they’re thinking at the time. You may alter what you get emotionally involved with at any time.

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This article is intended to teach you how strongly-willed people persevere in the face of adversity and emerge as winners in front of the entire world.

You are meant to enjoy the finest of everything in life and to help others. Life is supposed to be a beautiful and enjoyable trip, not a struggle. Anyone who claims otherwise is delusory. God did not put us on this planet to be unhappy and just get by in life.

1. Persistent People Have Obstacles, Not Problems

There isn’t a single successful person who hasn’t faced adversity on multiple occasions. It’s all part of the process of winning in life. The difference is that they see it as a challenge rather than a problem.  The very word “problem” is nowhere to be found in their dictionary.

If you’re thinking, “Man, I’m sick of all these difficulties,” you need to take a step back and look at it from a different angle. Remember that successful people think very differently from the other 97 percent of the world.

Everything in life is actually a test. It may be enjoyable and rewarding, and if you never give up, you’ll end up winning. And that is a done deal.  How’s that for a guarantee? You may not know WHEN you will arrive, but trust me, you will get there, it is the law.

2. Persistent People Are Obsessed With Their Life Dream

Have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. What motivates you to go to work? What encourages you to do what you do? The majority of individuals walk through life without thinking. Every day, go at life with the aim of achieving a positive addiction.

Have a calling so powerful that you can’t stop thinking about it. Go after what you truly desire to have in this life. Since this is a one-shot run, make it EPIC. If it frightens you and you have no idea how to achieve it, you’re starting on the right track.

Everything you do every day should be directed toward your vision, your sacred dream, or your clear primary goal. Keep thinking about it in the present tense, eat with it, sleep with it, act like it’s already here. Do this over and over again and never stop.

3. Persistent People Hang Around Achievers

If you don’t hang out with big hitters, you’ll be average for the rest of your life. You must interact with the big boys.

If you don’t know anyone, go online to forums or hang out at country clubs to get a sense of what it’s like to be in their company. It can be mind-blowing, believe me.

Don’t be afraid to do it; they’re no better than you. You are just as wonderful and amazing as they are. They have just learned how to manage their thoughts and provide great service to the world. If you really want to, you can do everything they’ve done and then more.

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That’s all it takes to be persistent. Have a goal that is so large that when you think about it, you just fly into action mode like a mad person because the thought of not having it drives you insane.

Then, on a regular basis, surround yourself with people who are performing better than you on all levels. Feel what it’s like to be in their presence, and hang out with them frequently. Do not be intimidated, you will eventually learn how to be a big achiever.

Finally, don’t give up on your dream. If your desire to accomplish it is as intense as white fire, and you keep that desire strong and tenacious until the end, without looking back, you will get what you seek. It’s really that simple, folks. No need to overthink it.

Make it a killer week, and remember, “If you can see it as accomplished on the screen of your mind, you can do it.”

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