Lucky Report

astrology and luck

Would you like to increase your luck and good fortune in anything you do?

In this innovative service, I will show you, in a clear graphic report, the best times (down to a quarter of an hour) on any given day, when your luck is at its peak, the right time to act, no matter if you’re…

– playing at the casino
– betting on horses or sport matches
– daytrading forex or stocks
– planning to ask for a raise
– arranging a date with the girl/guy you like

…or just anything you wish to do!

Thanks to a sophisticated and unique software calculating the transits of your fortunate planets on your natal chart, you will know in advance when your winning potential is at maximum power for any of your life events where a bit more of luck is needed.
OK, sounds interesting! But… is it complicated to read?

No, not at all! It is very straightforward. Let’s take a look at the example below.

display of a daily luck report

As you see, in the upper side, the chart displays all the birth information that is being used, and then a graph showing a simplified view of your fortunate and unfortunate times in increments of 15 minutes during a whole day.

Green bars show luckier times, the higher the bar the luckier you are supposed to be. The opposite is, of course, for the red bars.

Turner would have had her peak of luck exactly at the segment 7:30-7:45am and later, at 5:15-5:30pm (yellow dot on the green bar). The 6:15-6:30pm section was clearly unfavorable.

Therefore, if you would engage in activities that require luck, you should choose, provided it’s possible of course, those times marked with a green bar (possibly with the yellow dot inside) and avoid the red ones.

And now, some FAQs for further clarifications:

Q. What will I receive from you?
A. You will get a multiple pages’ PDF showing a simplified view of your fortunate and unfortunate times in increments of 15 minutes for the 30 days you choose.

Q. What kind of info do you need from me?
A. We will need your place, date and time of birth (as accurate as possible). Also, you need to specify in which place/city you will be during your chosen days.

Q. Will I win thanks to your report?
A. Of course there can’t be any guarantee of winnings or positive accomplishments during the luckiest times the report will show you. But in those times, you will have more chances to get a positive result thanks to favorable planets’ positions.

Q. Is each report different from other people’s?
A. Yes, each forecast report will be unique and pertinent to your natal chart.

Q. How much will the report cost me?
For a 30-day report, the price is just $17 (valid until December 31, 2022).

So, if you are interested in getting your 30-day lucky report or for any information about it, please contact Alex below.